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Daylightman is your one stop solution for all your daylight spectrum lighting and magnification needs.

Using lights and magnifiers that have true daylight colour is easier on your eyes and allows accurate colour matching no matter what your profession, craft or hobby. The Daylightman website is proudly Australian owned and run by Trevor Robertson aka The Scissorman who has been retailing specialist scissors, tools and lighting since 1995.

Daylightman supplies lights for any purpose, here is a list of some of the uses for natural lighting.

  • All Crafts
  • Quilting & Patchwork
  • Sewing, Needlework, Cross Stitch & Applique
  • Card Making, Scrapbooking & Stamping
  • Calligraphy & Writing
  • Embroidery - Machine & Hand
  • Sewing Machines
  • Quilling & Smocking
  • Knitting and Crocheting
  • Beading & Jewellery Making
  • Teddy Bear & Doll Making
  • Schools, Universities, TAFE & Education
  • Photography and Video
  • Printers & Publishers
  • Drawing and fine art
  • Professional Artists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Painters - ALL Styles
  • Folk Artists
  • Miniature Crafts & Egg Craft
  • General Reading - Books, Magazines etc....
  • Kindle and E-Readers
  • General Collectors
  • Stamp Collecting and Valuing
  • Coin Collecting and Valuing
  • Model Makers (die-cast, plastic, casting, moulding)
  • Model Railway Enthusiasts
  • Military Collectors & Enthusiasts
  • All Hobbies and interests requiring light!
  • Office lighting, Secretary & Desk
  • Workshop and Studio Lighting
  • Doctors, Dentists, Veterinary Surgeons
  • Tattooing & Scarring
  • Body Piercing
  • Beauty Technicians
  • Makeup Artists
  • Body Waxing Practitioners
  • Nail Technicians - Manicuring - Pedicuring
  • Hair Dressers and Artists
  • Jewellers and Jewellery Collectors
  • Diamond Grading
  • Ceramics, Glass Blowing
  • Musicians, Conductors & Directors
  • Drummers, Percussionists & Pianists
  • Entomology (insect collecting)
  • Science & Scientists
  • Laboratory Lighting
  • Specimen Analysis
  • Fly-tying
  • General Fishing (mini lights are great for night fishing!)
  • Camping & Outdoor
  • Inspection Lighting - Electrical, Building, Plumbing etc....
  • Kindle and E-Readers
  • Travel Lights & low light requirements
  • Dermatology and Laser Specialists
  • Lights and Magnifiers to help with Mucular Degeneration
  • Cosmetic Surgeons and Practitioners
  • Hair Rejuvenation Clinics
  • Podiatrists
  • Optometrists
  • Florists and Floral Artists
  • Dried Flower Arranging
  • Cooking & Food preparation
  • Church (alters)
  • Study Lights
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Motor Mechanics, Trimmers
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineers
  • Appliance Repairers
  • Computer and IT Technicians
  • Sound Engineering and Stage Lighting Technicians
  • Tilers and general trades where true colour lighting is required
  • Automotive Colour Matching (panel shops)
  • General Paint Shops for colour matching under true colour conditions.
  • Air Brushing and Spray Artists
  • Pharmacists, Chemists & Herbal Practitioners
  • Architects & Draftsmen
  • Fashion Designers
  • Auctioneers and Valuation Services
  • Crystal collectors and enthusiasts (great for grading crystals)
  • Second Hand Dealers, Pawn Shops
  • Antique Collectors, Valuers and Restorers
  • Computer Gaming, mini lights are great for late night gaming, see your controls without glaring your screen!
  • Mobile Phone Repairers, Console Modifications 
  • Film & Television - Low light requirements
  • Poultry Sexing.........

If your passion is not in this list then chances are it should be! Natural Daylight Lamps can be used in any situation where true colour is required. You will be surprised at how one of our lights will change the way you conduct your passion!

Illuminate Yours Today.....


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