14w Tube - A12623 for Triple Bright Lamp Model A32500

Manufacturer: Daylight Company
Product Code:A12623
RRP: $49.95
Yours Today: $ 39.95

This 14 watt BC tube is 564mm in total length(pin to pin) and is suitable to fit in the Daylight Company Triple Bright Lamp with product code A32500.  The Daylight Triple Bright lamp takes three of these tubes. It is best to replace all three at once so all tubes are the same age. This creates optimum brightness and daylight colour. The unique Daylight™ lighting technology not only reduces eye-strain but also helps reduce greenhouse gases by consuming 75% less energy. Simply put, Daylight™ is better for the environment and for your eyes!

  • Wattage: 14W

RRP $49.95

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